Date: 04.Sep.2019

The Nvidia Stock is getting pretty much to a decision phase, but i expect it will take some time to get clear confirmation. Since to Fall from October 2018 the Price is Trending in a Wedge which is narrowing up. The Price is respecting the higher Trendline and is still trading below the Daily 200 and 377 EMA all other EMA are flattening out.
Also Earnings Report coming in on 18th of November which absolutely would align with a possible Resolution of this Chart.

I see absolutely no rush to get into any long or short trades on Nvidia right now. Also you dont want to Risk your Capital holding this stock into Earnings but there are at least two approaches to trade Nvidia to the upside.Taking Bullish Trades here is a brave act and nobody will honor you holding this Stocks if the price don’t break the upper resistance Trendline ever.
If the Price can break above the upper Trendline and start turning the EMA to the upside the Potential Long Trade Target could be around 220.The First one would be to wait for prices to retest the lower Trendline coming in at around 140-142 and manage it with a tight stop loss.
The Safer one is to to wait if the Price Retests 123 Price with a much better price for Risk Management. Also even we take the Bullish trade on a 123 Retest the Chart would be forming a descending Triangle which has a higher probability to break to the downside.
So Risk Management even of Major Player Stocks like Nvidia have to be in place!

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